Tree Removal Service Near Me: Is It Okay to Prune Trees in the Spring?

Pruning trees in the spring can be safely done as long as you don’t remove more than 10% of the tree branches in the process. Don’t try to do too much to the trees as you might be putting them at risk of disease or tree pest ...

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Tree Removal Service Woodbridge VA: Spring Tree Care Tips for Northern Virginia

Just when you think the northern Virginia winter will never end, spring approaches. Both you and your trees come alive when the temperatures start to rise and the days get longer.

But while you can just hang up you...

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Tree Removal Service: When is the Best Time of Year for Tree Removal?

We get asked often ‘what is the cheapest time of year to have a tree cut down?’ The cost of removing a tree in Virginia can vary based on many things. And one of the main factors is the time of year in which the tree is remove...

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When it comes to caring for your trees, credentials matter. Not only do you want to ensure your tree is in good hands, but you want to feel confident that you’re working with a credible company.


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Trees are an important part of many landscapes, from business to residential. Trees provide many benefits since their shade can help lower utility costs, they can help increase property value, they’re aesthetically plea...

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Tree Removal: We have created this 'Tree removal techniques' series to show the different processes and method used for each tree we remove for its specific situation.

We also show and discuss the fundamental techniques used in almost all tree removals to make it an efficient process with the le...

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Woodbridge Tree Service: 5 Methods for Tree Stump Removal

We know a few things about working with trees, and we’ve seen firsthand how old stumps can be a terrible eyesore in an otherwise beautiful landscape. If there’s one you’ve been itching to get rid of, there’s no time like the present to ge...

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Tree Service Near Me: The Three Step Pruning Method

The purpose of the three step pruning method is to perform a series of cuts that creates or maintains a ring of callus, while avoiding damage to the branch collar or branch bark ridge. Before applying any cuts, locate the branch collar and bran...

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Tree Trimming Woodbridge VA: What Are The Benefits Of Tree Pruning?

1. Tree pruning can address safety hazards caused by damaged or broken limbs.
2. It helps promote the health of your trees by providing them with adequate airflow.
3. It can improve traffic and pedestrian flow on sidewalks, driv...

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a year ago
After being jerked around by another company over tree removal, I called Genesis. Great communication with Pedro and they did exactly what they said they would do and did it well. The price was lower than the other guy and they definitely appeared more professional. It was win-win. Thanks.
- Juan L
a year ago
Last Friday we had a tree fall on our house. Genesis Tree Service came out Saturday morning, gave us a good price quote and the crew came within 2 hours. They went straight to work and by Saturday evening you wouldn't even know a tree had fallen. Genesis Tree Service was great. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
- Hugh G
a year ago
This company is great!!! Very professional. I asked them to come out for a quote and hired them on the spot. An hour later the trees were cut down. They know what they are doing, my trees were difficult to cut down because my backyard is a hill and the trees were close to the house. Can’t go wrong here.
- James G

Tree Trimming & Tree Removal Services

Why Hire a Woodbridge Tree Service?

Owning a home in Prince William County, Virginia means that you have the legal obligation to protect your home and anyone residing within the property including your neighbors and their property. 

Keep your home and the properties around you safe from any damages that may result from falling trees or branches. Everyone knows that sometimes accidents happen; however, if an incident would happen and that accident is within your control, you could be liable for damages and a lawsuit could potentially arise from such situations. 

Homeowners insurance won't always cover these type of events. If you file a claim for for damage that was caused by a tree on your property, then you ought not get your hopes up for it is more than likely that your claim will be denied. 

Save yourself potential hardship and hire Genesis Tree Service of Woodbridge to care for and maintain the trees on your property.

Professional Tree Removal

Hiring a qualified tree contractor for tree removal is often less than expensive (and certainly safer) than trying to cut a tree down on your own. But as mentioned above, if you attempt tree removal and don't do it properly, then you could cause significant property damage; both to yours and your neighbors.

Even worse is the potential for injury an even death. Genesis Tree Service has highly trained tree specialists and we use proper safety equipment to ensure that all tree removal is completed safely. We also carry full liability insurance just in case property damage were to occur. 

Instead of attempting tree cutting on your own, call us for a free tree removal estimate instead.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

All good tree care programs include tree trimming and proper pruning to ensure trees stay healthy and maintain they're aesthetic appeal. Improper pruning, however, can cause significant damage to a tree and should be left to professionals with experience.

When trees are trimmed correctly, they actually become healthier and stronger and will live longer. In addition, they're more able to fend off disease and pests as well as withstand high winds and heavy snow or ice during the demanding Virginia weather seasons.

Instead of taking chances with the health of your trees and trimming them on your own, call Genesis Tree Service of Woodbridge to request a free quote.

Tree Care Services Provided:

  • Tree Trimming & Pruning
  • Tree Removal
  • Lot Clearing
  • Storm Clean Up
  • Stump Grinding
  • Emergency Tree Service

Eastern & Southern Prince William County Virginia Service Area:

  • Woodbridge
  • Dale City
  • Dumfries
  • Lake Ridge
  • Montclair
  • Quantico
  • Triangle

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